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Nice unpicked mix of mostly pre-1990 off-paper stamps, including BOB. Based on the weight, we estimate that there are over 1,000 stamps with the oldest issues from the 1860s. Very few Nazi-era stamps but a few German states. Most stamps are used with a few unused. Expect duplicates, some damaged, a few on paper, and there may also be a few from other countries as we have not gone through them. We spotted a nice used Germany Scott 3 with period cancel (cat. $45), reprint of Bergedorf 4, and trimmed Hanover Scott 25 (cat. $60).

Mixture of Approximately 1,000 Off-Paper Germany Dating From 1860s

SKU: P0824190025
  • Collections, such as this, are not returnable for any reason as they are priced at a small portion of catalog value since they will likely have duplicates and damaged stamps as we do not have the time to inspect them in detail.