U.S. Scott 510 and 499 (2 copies), the 10 cent value picturing Benjamin Franklin and 2 cent picturing George Washington from the Washington-Franklin issues on a registered, return receipt envelope front. Since the date stamps would have been on the reverse it is hard to be certain about the rate, but the most likely rate combination is paying double the wartime 3 cent first-class rate in effect between 11/2/1917 and 7/1/1919 plus a 10 cent regristration fee and free return receipt. The only other possible combination would require a 3 cent return receipt fee, 10 cent registration fee, and 3 cent first class rate, a combination not in effect until July 6, 1932, well after the period of use for the Washington-Franklins. The cover was mailed from the Merrill Trust Co. in Machias, Maine to Dennysville, Maine.

U.S. Scott 510, 499 on Registered Ret. Rcpt. on U429 Envelope Front from Maine

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