19¢ Registered First Class Plus Supplemental Surcharge Solo Use(s)

The registry fee for an item with an indemnity value up to $5 was 15¢ from July 1, 1928 thru March 26, 1944. A supplemental surcharge of 1¢ was also in effect if the declared value was greater than the indemnity paid for. The first class rate in effect at that time was 3¢. Currently, the number of documented solo uses of the 19¢ sheet stamp paying that  rate and fee combination is: 1. 

Description:  Registered letter sent on November 6, 1939, from Philadelphia to Jenkintown, Pennsylvania with a solo 19¢ Prexie paying the 3¢ first class rate, 15¢ registry fee, and 1¢ supplemental surcharge for an item with a declared value of more than $5 covered by the registry fee.

Owner/Source: Article by Ronald Blanks on pages 20-21 of the November 8, 2021 Linn's Stamp News.