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Prexie Census Data

This portion of the Pederson Stamps website tracks census information for U.S. stamps included in the Fifth Bureau Issue, otherwise know as the Presidential Series of 1938 and referred to by specialists in that series as the Prexies. The site tracks information related to two Prexie areas: solo uses of selected Prexie stamps; and the use of multiple copies of a specified Prexie on cover or parcel piece. We ask that Prexie collectors and other postal historians review the census information and provide updates where possible. Updates should be sent to Richard Pederson, at, along with a high resolution scan (300 bpi) of the item so it can be included in the census and posted on the site. If the item in question has stamps or markings on both sides, please submit scans of both sides. If you are the current owner and would like the item attributed to you, please say so. If you do not want the item posted, but included in the census, it will still be necessary to see a scan/picture of the item to be certain that it has not already been counted (e.g., from information passed by a previous owner). 

Please select the link below for the census of interest. 

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