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$1 Sheet Stamp Paying First Class Rate + .95¢ Registry Fee + .02¢ Registry Surcharge

The 3¢ first class rate was in effect thru December 31, 1948. Currently, the number of solo uses of the $1 sheet stamp paying the 3-cents/ounce first class rate plus 95-cent registration fee for an item with an indemnity up to $300 and a 2-cent registry supplemental surcharge for a declared value of over $200 but less than or equal to $250 is: 1.

Description: Airmail parcel piece with a solo $1 Prexie paying 3-cent first class rate, 95-cent registry fee, and 2-cent registry surcharge on a cover from Seattle, Washington to Moscow, Idaho.

Owner/Source: Richard Pederson.


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