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50¢ Registered Return Receipt International Air Mail Solo Uses

Currently, the number of solo uses of the 50¢ sheet stamp on a registered international return receipt first-class air mail letter is: 1. 

Description: There was a 30¢ per one-half ounce FAM rate to Europe in effect from 4/28/1939 until 10/11/1946, a 15¢ international registry fee for an item with indemnity to $9.65 in effect from 12/1/1925 to 1/31/1935, and a 5¢ return receipt fee in effect from 10/1/1907 to 10/31/1953. The Air mail letter from Greenwich, Connecticut to Switzerland mailed on September 8, 1939, pays that rate/fee combination.

Owner/Source: Richard Pederson


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