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50¢ Fourth Class Parcel Solo Uses

Currently, the number of solo uses of the 50¢ sheet stamp on a fourth-class parcel or parcel tag is: 2. 

Description: For Zone 2 (50-150 miles) there was a 8¢ charge for the first pound and 1.1¢ charge for each additional pound from 10/1/1932 to 3/25/1944. The following parcel tag paid for a 39 pound parcel ((8¢ + (38 x 1.1¢) = 49.8¢)) mailed from New Ulm, Minnnesota to St. Paul, a distance of 109 miles. The 49.8¢ was rounded to 50¢.

Owner/Source: Richard Pederson



Description: This tag is pictured on the Bob Hohertz Prexie website. The description there reads "A tag from an insured parcel post package sent to zone 4 in 1940. There are two possible combonations of postage and insurance which produce fifty cents, though the possibility is that the sender made a convenience overpayment. Assuming the sender paid an exact rate, the package could have weighed seven to eight pounds with insurance from $25.01 to $50.00 or ten to eleven pounds with insurance up to $5.00."

Owner/Source: Bob Hohertz website/Mike Ley


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