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Since your satisfaction is of utmost importance, please notify Pederson Stamps if you are unhappy with any item you purchase. We will always do our best to reach an acceptable agreement that will ensure your satisfaction. Any individual item (e.g., stamp, stamp multiple, cover) is returnable for any reason within 30 days of purchase from Pederson Stamps, unless a mutually agreeable written arrangement (see Expertizing under Sales Terms & Conditions) has been made to extend the time period for returns. Without prior written agreement, all sales become "final" 30 days after the date of sale. The 30 day period commences on the date the sale is consummated and includes all time in transit. All items must be returned in the same condition (i.e., not damaged in any way and in the original packaging) as they were sent. In the event it is necessary to return an item, please make sure that the item is insured for the full purchase price since the item is “your” responsibility until it is safely back in our possession. Reimbursement, if any, for fees, insurance, and shipping and handling costs will be handled as described below. 

Any collection, accumulation, or grouping of items is sold “as is” and is not returnable. Since collections, accumulations, or groupings are typically in “mixed condition” and may have items with faults or defects present, the sales price is discounted to account for any such problems that may be present. If you have any question regarding a collection, accumulation, or grouping offered for sale, please contact Pederson Stamps prior to purchase and we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. 

If a return is requested for an item that is properly described, the purchase price (minus any listing and/or processing fees, shipping/handling/insurance costs, and any other expenses incurred by Pederson Stamps) will be refunded. 

If a return is requested for an item that was not properly described (see Expertizing), the full purchase price and reasonable return shipping costs, for a mode of shipping approved by Pederson Stamps, will be refunded. 

Pederson Stamps maintains insurance on domestic and Canadian shipments. If an item is lost or damaged during shipment, please contact Pederson Stamps so a refund can be processed. 

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